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SCTT - Supply Chain Track- and Trace in (agricultural) chemistry


industry specific turnkey solutions



Consumer protection |

Product protection

Serialisation and aggregation of crop protection products enable clear documentation of the product flow from production through the complete logistics channel to the end consumer.

FMD Compliance


Consumer protection | Product protection

National regulations for the serialization of drugs are nowadays the most important criteria in the global marketing of drugs. However, different requirements worldwide can be met with only one modular system.

TPD Compliance

Consumer protection | Product protection

The first phase of implementation for the traceability of cigarettes and rolling tobacco will enter into force on 20.05.2019.

Further tobacco products will be covered by the Tobacco Products Directive by 2024 at the latest.
The TPD requires complete traceability across the entire supply chain.

UDI Compliance

Consumer protection | Product protection

Unique Device Identification (UDI) will soon also become mandatory in Europe. The advantages are obvious despite more complex processes.

Reliable labelling and serialisation systems are designed to effectively prevent worldwide trade in illegally manufactured or smuggled medicines, medical devices, tobacco products and chemicals. With the new or updated guidelines and recommendations, governments around the world have launched comprehensive initiatives against counterfeit products.

The basic prerequisite for the counterfeit protection of a product is the unique allocation of a serial number in conjunction with individual production data (product identification GTIN/NTIN/PPN, expiry date and batch number) in the form of 2D codes (e.g. Data Matrix Code - DMC for short or Dotcodes). By aggregating the individual serial numbers into a superordinate serial number, a family tree (ePedigree) is created, which creates clear advantages in logistics.

This unmistakable "identification" is the key to product traceability and the basis for unrestricted consumer confidence in the manufacturer.

Decades of experience in the fields of project management, software development, identification technology, labelling, camera inspection, automation and special machine construction have enabled us to provide our customers with comprehensive advice and complete solutions from a single source.

Thanks to our long-standing customer and supplier relationships, we offer flexible, manufacturer-independent solutions that take customer specifications into account.




The b+b Sitemanager serves as the basis for implementing the respective requirements.
As an ON-PREMISE or CLOUD installation, this Level 3 application represents the heart of the modular software architecture. All other module packages are seamlessly integrated into the software architecture of the b+b site server. Industry- and guideline-specific modules serve to optimize the workflow and to automatically connect your production lines (Level 2) or line components (Level 1) to the higher-level system.


In addition to our standard systems, we offer customer-specific solutions and the necessary software modules for implementing the requirements for serialisation (also in combination with labelling systems) and aggregation (Track & Trace), which go far beyond the usual compliance requirements. No matter whether it is the serialization of small or large batches - you will find the right solution with us. 
 All systems are equipped with a b+b LineManager, which intuitively guides the operating personnel through the processing of the production order. An uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS) prevents data loss in the event of an unexpected power failure. All systems are equipped with a sensibly dimensioned touch panel HMI, which of course complies with FDA requirement 21 CFR Part 11 (Audit Trail). Furthermore, it is possible to switch to RE-WORK mode directly within the system and to take samples at any time. 






b+b successfully implements labeling | serialization and aggregation in the agricultural chemistry!

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As a provider in the field of labelling, serialisation, aggregation and automation, we have already implemented many projects for well-known partners from a wide variety of industries. We develop specific solutions for the respective industry, from pharmaceuticals to foodstuffs and automotives.

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