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Supply Chain Track & Trace software for the Tabacco industry

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Software for serialization in tabacco industry

Extensive modules and features are available for the implementation of TPD standards at Level 3 level:


  • User and rights management

  • Audit Trail (in all modules)

  • Customer / target market management

  • article management

  • Work order management/process order management

  • serial number management

  • line management

  • interface management

  • label layout management


  • Create / edit / import workorder / process orders

  • Generate / import / report and decommission serial numbers

  • Enter / Decommission Serial Numbers in Goods Receipt (Multipack Formation)

  • Aggregate / de-aggregate serial numbers

  • Aggregation of own and external serial numbers (n-level)

  • Rework function for own / known serial numbers

  • Rework function for own / known aggregation levels

  • Reporting to n markets/customers/databases

  • Parameterization and communication of connected line managers (Level 2)

  • Overview of Workorders/Process Orders Assigned to a Line

  • Communication to Level 4 and Level 5 systems

We recommend the following modules for the implementation of your TPD compliance:



b+b Siteserver

Utility program for interface and data automation, license handling

b+b Sitemanager

Administration of users/user groups - detailed assignment of rights
Managing Report Authorizations
Work order management (new/edit/archive/prioritize) - Assignment to production line
AuditTrail - Research
Customer|Market|Product Master Data|Serial Number Logic|GLN Number Management
Managing the Aggregation Hierarchy(s)
label layout management
Line recipe management per article (recipe selection|control weights|tolerances)
Multipack parameter management

Serial Number Management| Aggregation Level Management|Reworking|Sampling
Message status display
Decommissioning of reported products (destruction during transport)

b+b ERP Link

Interface to your ERP system

b+b Repository Link

Interface to Level 5

b+b Linemanager

Level 2 Software component for parameterization and control of line components

b+b Linemanager Aggregation

Level 2 Software component for parameterization and control of line components
with aggregation (ePedigree = electronic family tree)

b+b Multipackmanager

enables the creation of GTIN-spanning multipacks and aggregation to a new serial number

LabelsPlatform 4 Premium

Program for layout creation and communication with printing systems - LINK

b+b Storage List Module

Module for the recording of checked codes for the creation of warehouse lists/pallet accompanying documents

b+b Packing List Module

Module for recording codes (also aggregation codes) in outgoing goods, including assignment of shipping numbers, packing list numbers, etc.

We recommend these additional modules for the realization of your TPD compliance as WHOLESALER.

b+b Entrance Module

Module for recording codes in incoming goods, including assignment of incoming goods numbers/container numbers or optional customer numbers.

b+b Code Check Module

Module for activating/deactivating serial numbers by hand scanner before reporting to the repository

b+b Siteserver / b+b Sitemanager:

  • User and rights management

  • Administration of database data

  • (automatic backups, data cleansing, import/export)

  • Audit Trail (analog CFR 21 Part 11)

  • Customer / target market management

  • Article and print layout management

  • Work order management/process order management

  • serial number management

  • line management

  • Interface management to all repository systems

The b+b SiteServer is the central database and service application and represents the control center for the complete software modules.

The customer is provided with a Windows VM and an MS SQL Server database. The b+b SiteServer can be operated either as an ON-PREMISE or CLOUD installation.

b+b provides the SQL Server database with the required table structures. The customer receives read access to the table data.