Tamper Evident  | Serialization

filled boxes

Fully automatic machine for serialization and Tamper Evident labeling of pharmaceutical folding boxes

Due to increasing product counterfeiting, many manufacturers are forced to make their products tamper-proof and counterfeit-proof. Legal requirements for this exist in many countries. We have developed our TE model for this task. The system enables both single-sided and double-sided sealed labelling of pharmaceutical boxes. This system is also used in the cosmetics industry.


During development, great attention was paid to protecting the packaging and the format range of the products that can be processed. The basic version can label folding boxes with format widths (in running direction) from 50 mm to 250 mm at a speed of up to 300 folding boxes per minute. Models for processing wider folding boxes are based on the same system concept. As a further expansion, the model is available as a combined system (TE-PV) with a b+b serialization module including b+b LineManager. Printer and vision system are fully integrated into the system.






up to 300 products/min


up to 300 products/min up to serialization