b+b Software module

the base for serialization and aggregation

System structure of serializatiom software

The core is a modular software architecture. It can be adapted to existing and future requirements without major investments: be it for the management of production lines or sites, the adaptation to new coding and aggregation regulations or an expansion of the machine park. 

In addition, this software package also serves as a platform for production management. A nearly infinite number of hardware components from various manufacturers for automation, coding and aggregation can thus be controlled and managed in parallel.


Not only the formats, recipes and programs of the b+b hardware components are automatically sent to the production line, but also systems from other manufacturers are parameterized for a quick product changeover.

Please note that due to the modular software architecture, the modules and extensions presented here are only an excerpt. Special modules or module extensions of existing solutions, including subsequent validation, are possible at any time.

Global standards such as GS1, UN/CEFACT are used to ensure maximum consistency, sustainability and flexibility.

The concept reliably covers all levels of traceability of the product, the batch and the sales unit, from all logistics levels to the end consumer.

IT infrastructure:


Our b+b site server and its modules ensure a smooth and standardized data exchange between higher-level data systems, the individual line components up to the notification of the family tree of your products.


This data can be used either by national associations or organisations.


As a full-range supplier, we provide you with a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. No matter whether you are a contract manufacturer (CMO) or a brand owner.


The b+b SiteServer is the central database and service application and represents the control center for the complete software modules.


The customer is provided with a Windows VM and an MS SQL Server database. The b+b SiteServer can be operated either as an ON-PREMISE or CLOUD installation.


b+b provides the SQL Server database with the required table structures. The customer receives read access to the table data.