Batch coding on flat state cartons |

Serialization of flat products

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Manual batch coding and serialization of flat products

M-FSM-TIJmini is an innovative table-top device for printing on flat products such as folding boxes.

The products are manually placed on the conveyor belt, printed from above and collected at the end of the system. The portable system is equipped with a thermalinkjet system Wolke m610 Touch. An upgrade to a manual serialization system with b+b Linemanager and Full Vision System is optionally available. The conveyor belt is driven by a powerful stepper motor at constant speed. The conveyor belts are equipped with crossbars at regular intervals to achieve constant product guidance and therefore a constant printing result.


The two toothed belt belts can be adjusted to different product widths in a few easy steps at a distance from each other. The positions of the crossbars can also be adjusted to each other for processing slightly inclined products.

Two other models in our M series are the two manual label dispensers M-TE80. These labelling systems are suitable for applying sealing labels to folding cartons in a quick and easy way and can be converted to another folding carton format in a matter of seconds. These two manual labelling machines are particularly suitable for processing small batches.