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Manual aggregation system

The MAT model series serves as a mobile terminal for all aspects of aggregation and rework. Here, too, aggregation can take place over several aggregation stages. The mobile unit can optionally record the cartons with a stationary 1D/2D scanner at the cartoner outlet and offers the operator an easy-to-handle workflow to avoid aggregation errors. An optional indicator light visualizes the successful capture of the shipping case to the operator. The handling of complete pallets or partial pallets and cartons at the end of the batch is also taken into account in the workflow and is available depending on the respective user rights.

The unit can also be used to serialise products for which "serialisation with adhesive labels" is permitted because of their characteristics or properties, or for which direct printing is not possible.






Manual aggregation and rework station (1 level) (folding cartons - shipping cartons)

Manual aggregation and rework station (1 level) (shipping cartons - pallet)

Manual aggregation and rework station (2 levels) (folding boxes - shipping cartons - pallet)