Carton sealer

Packaging table

Corner wrap labelling

System for aggregation, cartoning and labeling cartons

The manual closing of cartons is usually very time-consuming and leads to an interruption of the packaging process.  Starting at 40 cartons per day, it makes sense to automate the closing process - this can reduce the required working time by up to 70 %.

b+b offers you a solution for the sealing and labelling of cartons - carton sealing and labelling machine in one. Semi-automatic cartoning and aggregation. The flat carton is opened by the operator and placed in the machine. The lower flaps are automatically folded and closed by the machine. The upper flaps are closed by the operator and then conveyed via the transport rollers to the sealer - here it is closed with self-adhesive label material. Depending on requirements, the line can be equipped with a side or top labeler. 


Format range of the shipping case 

Length: 200 mm - 450 mm

Width:   150 mm - 350 mm

Height:    75 mm - 350 mm 

Please contact us for other format ranges!

Semi-automatic workstation to

  • manually erection of the shipping case

  • automatic closing of the bottom flaps

  • manual feeding of the filled shipping case into the carton sealing section

  • apply a tape onto the top and bottom of the shipping case

  • print- & apply a lateral label onto the shipping case (corner-wrap label as an option)

  • inspection of the shipping case label via a vision system or vision sensor (vision system in not in the scope of supply)


  • Vision system to built up the ePedigree information (single or multilayer mode) at the entrance of the  system

  • Comfortable 15“ Touchpanel-HMI for an intuitive operator interaction

  • Vision system | Vision sensor to verify the shipping case label application and print information


Station for sealing the top and bottom flaps of the shipping case

  • tape overlapping: 70 mm

  • tape width: 50 - 75 mm

  • incl. hub brake

  • 2 adhesive tape dispensers

  • incl. height adjustment for the top tape dispenser

Label print and apply station EDS 420i to apply the label onto the side and | or top of the shipping case

  • outer roll diameter: 300 mm

  • core diameter: 76 mm

  • incl. integrated OEM print engine (e.g. Zebra ZE500-4)

  • print width: 104 mm

  • passing width: max. 114 mm

  • incl. height adjustment by doublespindle with handwheel and position indicator

Pneumatic label applicator EDS 420i - RCW to the side of the shipping case or at a 50/50 split to the side and the trailing edge of the shipping case

  • label size: application-specific

  • incl. vacuum pads sized according to the label size and the requested label split

  • OPC-connection for CFR21 part 11 purposes (Audit trail and user management) 

  • IPZ-OPC Server with system specific INI-file

  • Upgrade for stainless-steel execution of the packaging table | tape dispensers as an option